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Dance in Freedom

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” -Martha Graham

To make your season beautiful, become a girl who dances with God.
by Marian Jordan

From the moment he takes her hand the dance begins. The connection is made. Perfect timing. Perfect balance. Perfect rhythm. Step by step the couple swirls across the floor. A vision of fluidity, of poise, of promise. Others watch, barely breathing. He knows her-her pace, her strengths, her weaknesses. He knows when to spin her out and when to pull her toward him. He takes the lead, the strong partner; she is secure in hid arms, free to twirl, to dip, and to sway.

She abandons herself to the security of his arms. Lifting her, holding her, releasing her, steadying her, he balances her as she spins across the dance floor. Lights shimmer across the dancers, sashaying in and out of the shadows. They sparkle, graceful, gliding as if on ice. He leads. She follows. She mirrors every step he makes. She is resplendent, aglow with the rhythm of her dance. Chiffon billows around her, clouds of color, an ethereal blur of beauty, gliding effortlessly as he leads, and she follows surrendered to the cadence he has set.

Leading and responding.
Years ago the Lord gave me this image of a couple waltzing to symbolize how a relationship with him was meant to be experienced-not a religion of rigid rules but a beautiful, fluid dance, one where he leads and I follow. His timing. His steps. His music.

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Win the FIGHT.

2000 years ago, He won the fight. He’s still the same today as yesterday. If he won, then you’ll gonna win this fight.

Some of us think we have the biggest burden. Some are in their down fall or having hard time to stand again. I’m telling you, you don’t need to face this alone. God is always with you. He has been there when you’re smiling, when you’re laughing, when you’re alone and sad, when you’re mourning, when you’re blaming him for everything. He was there when you messed up. He never leave you nor forsake you. (Hebrews 13:5) He is holding on you tightly even you start to walk away from him. He loves you so much that he let himself suffer in the cross and died for you. He wants you to be happy. If that struggle hinders you from smiling, then listen here! That is not gonna take long to be in your life. Soon, it will leave you. By that moment, you will learn something from it. It’s happening for a reason. You just need to hold on and trust God. Always remember, he’s in control in everything. So smile and put your head up cause God will help you to overcome that struggle. Be blessed everyday cause in the first place you’re blessed already. Put your hope and faith in Christ!

#GodisHOPE #GodisinCONTROL #Godiseverything

Hello campus and world changers!

Teenage girl who wants to share her beliefs and faith. Yes! Mostly of my blog posts will be about my relationship with God. I want to encourage modern teens nowadays to know our Creator more than anything in this world. My goal is to spread the good news and set as an example for this young generation to have faith in God. I also want them to help in their situations by posting related topics about it. I’m an instrument for them to encounter the happy life they’re aiming. We don’t need to find our happiness in material things, pleasure and in our own intellect. All material things are temporary and it could also be harmful. Pleasure is meaningless and at the end of the day, it can be compromising and destructive. Lastly, our own intellect could lead us to frustrations and disappointment. In those situations, there is no true happiness. But there is real happiness in Christ alone.

This is me. This is my life! Welcome to my life.

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